Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Lollihop Box Received

On Christmas Eve, this is how the conversation went between me and my husband.....well it went along these lines of conversation anyways, its not exactly word for word.

E: "Are you expecting a package?"

Me: "No, everything's come in I think."

E: "The Fed-Ex guy is here."

Me: "He's probably delivering across the street, they have been getting alot of deliveries this week."

E: "Nope, he's coming this way."

ding dong....

I go to the door and open it.  On the floor upon our welcome mat is my LOLLIHOP BOX! 

Now all I wanted for Christmas was Lollihop (see my previous post and photo http://veggiecauldron.blogspot.com/2011/12/lollihop-winner.html) and sure thing Lollihop delivered!

This is what I got:

Inside were a t-shirt, two bags of chips and inside that little red stickered box were more stickers, an organic cherry lollipop, bing cherries, and a dark coconut chocolate bar.  SWEET!

I have been trying to pace myself especially since I wanted to eat the whole box at once...but I haven't....I still got my lollipop, cherries, and chocolate bar still....which one should be my dessert tonight after dinner???? hmmmm.....

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