Sunday, March 11, 2012

Fun contest to win a copy of Nude Food ebook!

Shakaya aka as Earth Empress is holding a contest for a chance to win her ebook, Nude Food. From the description of her recipes, I am trying my hand at winning a copy of it. I still consider myself new in the world of Raw Food. I have been researching it since I was diagnosed with Kidney Disease last Summer/Fall and have begun applying what I have learned into my lifestyle of eating. Steadly and slow my progression from processed to raw food has greatly increased within the past six months from 0 (zero) to about 50% raw on a daily basis. My goal is to be 80% raw by my birthday in a few months.

Anyways, some of the recipes included in this book are:

Some of the recipes include:

Fresh Fries
Fragrant Butterfly
Thai Green Coconut Soup
New Moon Salad
Lotus Rice Medley

Don't they just sound wonderful! I am hungry now just writing about this contest!
Who would have thought that I could find a book that has information about Raw food and opening the energy of your inner Goddess! I will definitely be learning more about this lady for sure!

She also has a website at:

Be sure to visit her Facebook Page and try your own hand at winning her book!


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